Bending Time
August 2017

In a precision laboratory experiment, as in the filmmaking process, the close recording, and sometimes manipulation of, the passage of time can be key to success. Our August issue takes on a classic preoccupation of science fiction, time and movement through it, and extends our investigation to its other manifestations, in and out of the lab.

The Infinite Man

by Hugh Sullivan

Path of Least Resistance

by Melanie Hoff

A Study in Time Travel

by Sean Pecknold

Kaibab Elegy

by Harun Mehmedinovic

L’exilé du temps (Exiled from Time)

by Isabelle Putod

Yeast Cell Growth Meets The Beatles

by Andrej Ondracka Bernie Langs

Laboratory Film

by Andy Birtwistle

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke

by Jillian Mayer Lucas Leyva

Small Brains en Masse

by Dennis Hlynsky

Living Fossil

by Sean Hanley

Gödel, Incomplete

by Martha Goddard


by Anthony Cerniello


by Barry J. Gibb

The Wormhole

by Jessica Sharzer

The Misinventions of Milo Weatherby

by Bill Whirity

The Decelerators

by Mark Slutsky

Slow Life

by Daniel Stoupin


by Sam Buntrock

Microscope Time-Lapse: Sugar Crystalizing out of Solution

by Gary Greenberg

Focus on Infinity

by Joerg Burger


by Stephanie Joalland
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