Love, Guest and CRISPR
Reechal Mevada20 December 2019
What it means to be human in the 21st century
Reechal Mevada26 November 2019
Dreams in African Sci-Fi
Wangechi Ngugi7 November 2019
The Marginalized Protagonist in Kuwaiti Short Films
Zouz Al-Mahdi25 November 2019
What's Emerged from the Symbiosis Competition at the 12th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Alexis Gambis28 October 2019
We and the Earth breathe together
Sidney Perkowitz11 October 2019
Cultural Heritage and Filmmaking in Kenya
Wangechi Ngugi13 October 2019
Your Guide to Science at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival
Bettina Barillas29 August 2019
The Poetry and the Prose of Math - Part 2: Prose
Sidney Perkowitz2 September 2019
The Poetry and the Prose of Math - Part 1: Poetry
Sidney Perkowitz11 October 2019
The shape(s) of cinema
Kirsten Strayer18 August 2019
Avatars, myths, shadows, and hieroglyphs: Screens in Southeast Asia
Kirsten Strayer30 July 2019
Lujain Ibrahim23 July 2019
Between Worlds
Lujain Ibrahim16 July 2019
A thousand hoofs – Greed and the Environment
Bettina Barillas11 July 2019
There Will Never Be a Final Film Format (Part 2): Celluloid-Digital Collisions
Kirsten Strayer6 July 2019
Cinema Nostalgia
Megan Cozens1 July 2019
There will never be a final film format (Part 1): The future of celluloid
Kirsten Strayer28 June 2019
Stranger Than Fiction: Three True Tales From Our Archives
Bettina Barillas18 June 2019
Unseemly: the body’s exquisite horror
Kirsten Strayer4 June 2019
The Power of the Skin
Megan Cozens29 May 2019
Marne Lucas: A Pioneer in Infrared Experimental Art
Nathalie Launder1 June 2019
Human-Robot Connection
Nathalie Launder25 April 2019
Water Motifs
Kirsten Strayer22 April 2019
Make Better Choices
Megan Cozens1 April 2019
On The Wings of The Monarch: Behind-the-Scenes with Labocine's First Feature
Christina Lu26 March 2019
Can we capture the sublime? On fireflies, shrinking habitats, and the possibilities of film and video
Kirsten Strayer24 March 2019
Stop motion will save the (film) world!
Bettina Barillas18 March 2019
Becoming Animal: Cinemas of transformation
Kirsten Strayer12 March 2019
Visions of the Future: The Artist Depiction Series
Alexis Gambis1 March 2019
Messages Behind the Science
Megan Cozens25 February 2019
Metamorphosis: Examining Rites of Passage
Lujain Ibrahim18 February 2019
My Narrative Drive is Broken
Megan Cozens14 February 2019
Mineral Motifs: Labor, time, extraction
Kirsten Strayer22 December 2018
Sunlight, Life and Time
Sidney Perkowitz29 November 2018
Acquiring One Self from The Many
Amanda Hammett24 November 2018
How Film Creates Multitudes  
Kirsten Strayer15 November 2018
Don't Call it a Come Back – Resurgent Stories
Bettina Barillas11 November 2018
The End: The Labocine guide to surviving an apocalypse
Bettina Barillas4 November 2018
Women Leaders, Myths and Nationhood
Jake Richardson1 November 2018
Cyber Nations: An Interview with the director of .TV
Amanda Hammett28 October 2018
Simple lines, complex tales: the power of animation 
Bettina Barillas25 October 2018
New Life: Survival and Resurrection in short film
Kirsten Strayer21 October 2018
Dooms Day
Megan Cozens14 October 2018
Fracking, Hurricanes, Rising Seas, Leadership, and Climate Change
Jake Richardson10 October 2018
Immortality and Resurrection For All!!
Megan Cozens7 October 2018
Transformative Desperation
Lujain Ibrahim19 September 2018
The World As We Know It
Megan Cozens16 September 2018
Mosaic: A Review
Lujain Ibrahim2 September 2018
Fading Generations
Megan Cozens30 August 2018
The Rulers of Our Inner World
Lujain Ibrahim26 August 2018
Imagined Worlds
Christina Lu23 August 2018
The Pursuit of Hope and Knowledge
Lujain Ibrahim19 August 2018
Connection and Communication: What Does it Take?
Lujain Ibrahim12 August 2018
SciArt On Screen: Quimtai
Allison Palenske3 August 2018
Scavenging Sustenance: Man vs. The Man
Amanda Hammett16 August 2018
A Mosaic Lifeform
Lujain Ibrahim5 August 2018
A Tale of Motherhood and Science
Lujain Ibrahim28 July 2018
Picturing Air
Amanda Hammett9 August 2018
The Genetic Modification Question: Pets Edition
Lujain Ibrahim21 July 2018
On Land and Sea: Visions of Landscapes in the Global South 
Kirsten Strayer26 July 2018
A Modern-day AI Story
Lujain Ibrahim15 July 2018
My heart, the cold has already killed me
Bettina Barillas19 July 2018
A Comforting Chimerism
Lujain Ibrahim7 July 2018
A Choreography of Emotions & Fear
Lujain Ibrahim1 July 2018
Film Networks
Lujain Ibrahim28 June 2018
Origin Story
Kelly Belter12 July 2018
Whales and Humans Intertwined
Jake Richardson2 August 2018
Science as Cinema: A Metamorphosis
Lujain Ibrahim21 June 2018
Myth and Cinema
Kirsten Strayer24 June 2018
Bettina Barillas17 June 2018
Smart and Crazy Brains
Jake Richardson7 September 2018
Border landscapes: The River is a Seam 
Nicole Antebi8 September 2018
Fauna and Landscapes in Indigenous Stories
Lujain Ibrahim10 June 2018
Below 0 Degrees - ON SCREEN from Labocine
Allison Palenske16 June 2018
Psychotherapy: Who's Looking At Who?
Amanda Hammett7 June 2018
Modern Arab Science Fiction
Lujain Ibrahim3 June 2018
Enchanted Laboratories
Bettina Barillas25 May 2018
Adapt or Die?
Jake Richardson27 May 2018
Animated. Science. Fiction
Özge Calafato21 August 2019
Molecular Music Videos
Kelly Belter21 May 2018
In-Flight Entertainment
Franck Lesbros2 June 2018
Cinema's Codes and Puzzles
Kirsten Strayer17 May 2018
Power Is Everything 
Jake Richardson13 May 2018
Music Moves Us All
Jake Richardson27 April 2018
Wild Lands Shape Human Awareness
Jake Richardson18 April 2018
Your Brain on Emotion
Jake Richardson17 April 2018
A.D.A.M. - ON SCREEN From Labocine
Allison Palenske5 April 2018
The Persistence of Life: Survival Cinema
Kirsten Strayer29 April 2018
Leonardo and Friends Lead Us Into the Future
Jake Richardson1 April 2018
Down the rabbit hole: Four short films through the space-time continuum
Bettina Barillas19 March 2018
Humans Meet Chimps, Chimps Become Human?
Jake Richardson8 March 2018
Augmented Escapism
Elaine Viceda15 March 2018
Dogs, Cancer and Medicine
Jake Richardson11 March 2018
Confronting the Wall
Sidney Perkowitz1 March 2018
Food, Corruption and Celebration
Jake Richardson25 February 2018
Murder Most Foul?
Starre Vartan21 February 2018
Keeping Time
Nick DelRose18 February 2018
Irreplaceable: Love, Meaning, and Attachment in a robotic world
Bettina Barillas15 February 2018
Beyond Good and Evil: Ethics and Artificial intelligence
Kirsten Strayer4 March 2018
Fear Factor
Elaine Viceda4 February 2018
Don't Be Afraid of Science
Amanda Hammett1 February 2018
What Does It Mean to be An Internet User?
Nicole Antebi28 January 2018
In a mirror, darkly
Bettina Barillas14 January 2018
The Search for Self
Kelly Belter25 January 2018
Simply Complex Traits
Andres Mansisidor18 January 2018
Hacking Your Genes Has Never Been Easier
Alexis Gambis8 February 2018
Buy Now or Forever Stall Our Advancements
Amanda Hammett7 January 2018
Nicholas DelRose10 January 2018
It's Electric
Starre Vartan21 January 2018
Winds of Triple Fury
Bettina Barillas28 December 2017
Retreating Earth, Environmental Refugees
Kelly Belter20 December 2017
The Rise of New Beings
Kevin Gaffney24 December 2017
The Amateur Naturalist
Nicole Antebi14 December 2017
New Sci-Fi from Turkey
Özge Calafato3 January 2018
Trance-like Rituals in Mexico Predict the Future
Alexis Gambis10 December 2017
Cats Save Science
Alexis Gambis16 December 2017
Intimacy and Catastrophe: How film frames climate change
Kirsten Strayer30 December 2017
The Science of Sex
Kelly Belter3 December 2017
Tales of Extinction
Özge Calafato7 December 2017
Love, Relationships, Babies
Özge Calafato10 February 2018
The Secret Garden: Evolutions of Virtual Plants & Corals
Christina Lu25 November 2017
The Fukushima Disaster: Nuclear Trauma Lingers On
Kelly Belter30 November 2017
The Stem Cell: A New Protagonist Emerges
Alexis Gambis23 November 2017
Mystical Paths & Scientific Connections
Sean Pecknold19 November 2017
Winners of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Christina Lu9 November 2017
Cinematographic Voyages into Sensory Chaos
Rachel Field15 November 2017
Artificial Life and the Post-Human Filmic Experience
Kirsten Strayer5 November 2017
Variations On Dreaming
Jeff Alu12 November 2017
Material / Immaterial
WhiteFeather2 November 2017
The City: How I Dream It & How I Feel It
Graciela Cassel29 October 2017
Hybrid Identities at the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival
Christina Lu22 October 2017
Nobody Knows the Quantum
Sidney Perkowitz19 October 2017
Pattern and Perception
Duncan Marquiss12 October 2017
Abstract theory has real consequences, in the past and today
Sidney Perkowitz4 October 2017
Redefining the Scientific Fiction(s)
Giulia Grossmann14 October 2017
An Ethnobiologist with a Movie Camera
Jessica Oreck26 October 2017
The World According to Birds
Alexis Gambis18 September 2017
The Artwork of Migration: How movement functions
Kirsten Strayer21 September 2017
Animal Perspectives in Science and Fiction in the UAE
Özge Calafato23 September 2017
Real physics on screen
Sidney Perkowitz17 September 2017
5 Visionary Films to Celebrate the 2017 Solar Eclipse
Edward Shepard20 August 2017
Virtual Reality for Freely Moving Animals
Andrew Straw30 August 2017
A Deeper Look into the Mundane
Nick Viaña27 August 2017
The Horror of Science in 21st Century Film
Kirsten Strayer7 September 2017
Territories at the Microscopic Level
Julia Buntaine23 August 2017
Memory is Everything, Without It We Are Nothing
Christina Lu14 August 2017
Take an Aural Journey
Starre Vartan30 August 2017
Space Explorers: Human Motives for Transcending Earth And Our Solar System.
Andrea Rothman9 August 2017
Comedy in Science
Christina Lu16 August 2017
The Fourth Dimension
Starre Vartan19 July 2017
How Ordinary Things Transform Into a Magical World Under The Microscope
Wenting Zhu29 July 2017
A World of Imagination and Collective Memory
Barbara Visser3 September 2017
Imagining the Future in the Global South
Kirsten Strayer27 July 2017
Landscapes & Language of the Anthropocene
Erin Espelie23 July 2017
Animating Life With Experimental Documentary
Sharon Shattuck, Flora Lichtman5 July 2017
Global Warning: Reports Around the World on Climate Science
Daniel Grossman3 August 2017
Close Examinations: Decibels, Droughts & Death
Tyler Trumbo13 August 2017
Science v. Religion: Genesis to Genetics
Christina Lu14 September 2017
The Dance That Takes Place in Our Heads
Jody Oberfelder25 June 2017
The Many Faces of Sleep
Christina Lu12 July 2017
Science and Poetry in the Everyday
Emily Fraser5 August 2017
La Mujer Mariposa
Rachel Marks8 July 2017
The X X Files Series Pays Tribute to Women in Science
Nate Dorr28 June 2017
The Work of Tiffany Shlain
Christina Lu28 September 2017
The Chain Reaction of Life
Simona Koch16 July 2017
Micro and Nano Theme Parks For Worms
Rafael (Yong-Ak) Song9 September 2017
A New Wave of Climate Change Cinematography
Christina Lu2 July 2017
6 Scientific Journeys Through Present and Future India
Christina Lu22 June 2017
Film, Knowledge, Networks: the Collaboratorium + Open Media Science
Daniel Oxenhandler & the Collaboratorium Team18 June 2017
The Winning Films at Imagine Science Paris: A Celebration of Scientific Expressions
Charlotte Salvatico, Alexis Gambis16 June 2017
Tracing Animal Movement Patterns
Dennis Hlynsky14 June 2017
The Source Project: 8 shorts about empowerment and sustainability
Chintan Gohil, Jason Taylor 13 June 2017
Poetic States, Celluloid Lands
Miryam Charles16 May 2017
Dreams in Space: virtual voyages in n-dimensional biology
Gist Croft7 June 2017
Musical and Mythological Visual Enchantments
Carlos Guedes18 May 2017
What did the future look like?
Brett Ryan Bonowicz11 May 2017
Microscopic Melodramas, A Surrealistic look at Our Oceans in Peril
Mara G. Haseltine14 May 2017
The Virtual Brain Project: Using Immersive Virtual Reality To Enhance Neuroscience Research And Instruction
Bas Rokers, Karen Schloss11 June 2017
Old Growth: A material metaphor for humanity’s effects on the environment
Grayson Cooke4 May 2017
Does Consciousness Exist Outside of Our Body
Phie Ambo1 May 2017
VR Visions of an Ancient Sequoia
Lauren Aleza Kaye18 April 2017
Adding film to the chemistry syllabus (Week 1)
Madison Moore10 April 2017
Unsettling Equilibrium and Envisioning a Better Future
Ian Harnarine30 April 2017
A Haunting Exploration into the Nature of Memory
Daniela Schiller, Liron Unreich30 September 2017
Silent Signal: Exploring Visionary Science through Experimental Animation
Abigail Addison27 April 2017
Exploring film in the science classroom
Madison Moore19 March 2017
Announcing the Ten Visionary Filmmakers of “Chimera Experiments”
Edward Shepard6 March 2017
Adding Film to the Science Syllabus (Part 3)
Madison Moore15 March 2017
Stories from the the Edge of the Map
Toby Smith2 March 2017
Adding Film to the Science Syllabus (Part 2)
Madison Moore26 February 2017
Adding Film to the Science Syllabus (Part 1)
Madison Moore20 February 2017
An Entertaining Journey Through Brain and Mind
Edward Shepard 16 February 2017
Top Ten: Animated Films from the Science New Wave
Madison Moore12 February 2017
Envisioning Future States With Science Fiction
Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind21 February 2017
Visual Speculations and The Cyclic Path
Sandro Bocci14 February 2017
Beautifully Unsettling Art Evoking Monsters and Myth
Nicola Alessandrini23 February 2017
Labocine Invites Filmmakers to Apply for “Chimera Experiments”
Labocine19 January 2017
Cinema of the brain
Jeffrey Zacks7 October 2017
A Chance to Climb Mountains
David Krupa7 May 2017
Chimera: Reality or Myth?
Alexis Gambis19 January 2017
Spelling Out the Spellbinding
Ramin Rahni31 January 2017
Indigenous Filmmakers Reimagine Science
William Lempert29 January 2017
10 Short Science Films Celebrating Tiny Details Usually Unseen
Madison Moore10 January 2017
We cannot understand what we cannot imagine
Johan Rijpma20 June 2017
Augmenting Human and Machine Intelligence with Data Visualization
Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg5 February 2017
Animating Indigenous Scientific Literacies
Elizabeth LaPensée10 January 2017
7 Videos That Use Beautiful Storytelling to Advance Science Education
Dennis Liu26 January 2017
Defiance Against Emotional Repression: The Cogit-Prop Films of Brent Hoff
Brent Hoff17 January 2017
Out of Sight
Samantha Moore24 January 2017
Attuning to Changing Planetary Conditions
Ursula Biemann26 January 2017
Visualizing an Intimate Journey Through the Brain
Nicolas Renier2 January 2017
Citizen Science Levels up with Eyewire, a Game to Map the Brain
Edward Shepard28 December 2016
The Beginning is Near
Jason Silva23 December 2016
Celebrate the Winter Solstice With Beats and Stunning Visuals
Kaschiel Hampl, aka Aresona20 December 2016
Nostalgia and the Natural World: a Lilian Mehrel Multiverse
Lilian Mehrel8 January 2017
7 Ways to Promote #ScienceMatters in Your Daily Life
Edward Shepard5 December 2016
Computation and the Future of the Human Condition
Thibault Le Texier30 March 2017
The Moving Microscopic World: 8 Microscopy Films from Scientist Du Cheng
Du Cheng5 January 2017
Visualizing the Real-World Effects of Climate Change on Glacier Streams
David Holland8 January 2017
Films for the Non-Human Demographic
Rachel Mayeri5 December 2016
In Search of the Persian Leopard and Beyond: Rare Wildlife Films of Iran
Majid Mohammad Doust13 December 2016
The Netherworld of Consciousness: Films of Jeannette Louie
Jeannette Louie15 December 2016
The Poetry of Science
Barry J. Gibb15 December 2016
Recording a Chameleon Changing its Color
Michel C. Milinkovitch9 May 2017
Selections from Bluebrain: A 10-Year Neuroscience Documentary
Noah Hutton8 December 2016
From the Kyoto Botanical Gardens to the Microscope
Shigeyuki Koshikawa13 January 2017
The Butterfly Boy
Nicholas DelRose4 December 2016
What Science Reveals About the Importance of Gratitude
Edward Shepard23 November 2016
Telling Stories with Data Visualization
Guillermo Marin22 December 2016
Science Makes for Great art, But What About the Reverse?
Tamara Vanderwal18 December 2016
Science and Film as Instruments for Scrutinizing Our World
Toma Peiu 22 November 2016
What flies can teach us about the evolution of behavior and morphology
Jon Massey13 January 2017
Faith in the Un-Seeable
Phil Hastings29 November 2016
The Intergalactic Brain
Sjoerd Vos11 December 2016
Endless Forms Most Beautiful: The Scientific Art of Markos Kay
Markos Kay7 December 2016
A budding Sci-Artivist
Andrés Mansisidor19 November 2016
Selections From Pondlife: The Hidden World of New York City
Sally Warring17 November 2016
Three Short Takes from Science & Film
Sonia Shechet Epstein14 November 2016
Telling Sci-Fi Stories with Women at the Forefront — a Conversation With Director Cidney Hue
Edward Shepard18 November 2016
The Birth of Science New Wave Cinema
Edward Shepard14 November 2016
Exquisite Corpses
Alexis Gambis29 October 2016
6 Brilliant Science Films From Symbiosis 2016
Edward Shepard26 October 2016
6 Beautiful Short Science Films About Nature and Humanity
Edward Shepard26 October 2016
Scientists & Filmmakers in Paris Interpret Light at Pariscience Film Festival
Alexis Gambis4 November 2016
Selections from 2016 Imagine Science Films Festival Presenters
Edward Shepard26 October 2016
Stop Motion Narratives About Science
Edward Shepard26 October 2016
Space, Time And Little Creatures
Anne Milne24 October 2016
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