The Science of Cinema
June 2019

In an increasingly digital era, it's easy to lose sight of film's long history as a deeply material art form. Film is projected light, the chemistry of emulsions and developers, silver nitrate colloids and dichromate bleach, the mechanics of film reels in motion. The filmed image is a true imprint of reality, a kind of ghost with an expressive power held by few media. Once it was considered a machine for generating emotion, nowadays it helps us to understand how the brain processes visual information. This issue pays homage to the medium of film itself, not only its origins and classical techniques for fixing images of the world, but to present developments, changing technologies, and future applications. As one of our youngest art forms, it remains be one our most dynamic: this multifaceted portrait of film up to 2019 is a but a snapshot of a system ever in transition.

Turing, The Apple, My Father, Eve & I

by Fabienne Audéoud

BFI, Film is Fragile

by Carl Addy


by Sabine Gruffat

Wolkenschatten (Cloud Shadow)

by Anja Dornieden Juan David González Monroy

Armeggeddon 2

by Corey Hughes

Semantic Decoding From Movies

by Jack Gallant

Movie reconstruction from human brain activity

by Jack Gallant

Athyrium filix-femina

by Kelly Egan

Manufactured Science

by Tal Danino

When Time Moves Faster

by Anna Vasof

Cinema Futures

by Michael Palm

Village Tales

by Sue Sudbury

Panoramis Paramount Paranormal

by Emilien Awada Constanze Ruhm

Color Neutral

by Jennifer Reeves

Espectador Espantado (The Amazed Spectator)

by Edgar Pera

Lunar Almanac

by Malena Szlam

Chronogram of Inexistent Time

by Malena Szlam

Prima Materia

by Charlotte Pryce

The Science of Cinema

by Colin Stringer

Extra-Terrestrial Ecologies (Retroflectors: the astronaut, the robot, the alien)

by Ralo Mayer


by Lauren Cook

Films to Break Projectors

by Tim Grabham


by Ali Cherri

In, Over and Out

by Sebastian Brameshuber

Real Artists

by Cameo Wood

Mr. Sand

by Soetkin Verstegen

A Film Is A Film Is A Film

by Eva Von Schweinitz


by Minette Mangahas

Primate Cinema: Apes as Family

by Rachel Mayeri

The Decelerator Helmet

by Lorenz Potthast

The Chronoscope

by Andrew Legge

Look Inside the Ghost Machine

by Péter Lichter

Les Outils (Tools)

by Simon Laganiere

Celestial Object

by Benjamin Balcom


by Nieto

AgX: H2O2

by Grayson Cooke
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