October 2019

How did we get here? No, not you and me. Not any particular society. Not even humans in particular. The question is: how did life find its way from the simplest primordial micro-organisms to our current diversity of intricate relationships between complex organisms made up complicated cells? And, in a timelapse recreation, from single cell, the fertilized egg, to each vastly differentiated multicellular creature. How do these two pathways of generation relate? These are the elaborate questions that the synthetic biological field of Evo-Devo seeks to answer.

Beetle Bluffs

by Anna Lindemann

Living Fossil

by Sean Hanley


by Johan Rijpma

Moth Mimicry: Using Ultrasound to Avoid Bats

by Carla Rebai

Animalia Genitalia

by Nguyen Khoi Nguyen

Squid: Coming to Life

by Nipam Patel

Inside the Shared Life

by Erin Espelie


by Jan van IJken

Ant Sisters

by Anna Lindemann

Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis Rocked the Boat and Started a Scientific Revolution

by John Feldman

Wild Love

by Eben Portnoy


by Mirai Mizue

Living Light

by Iwan Evans


by Artur Hanaj


by Nolan J. Downs


by Pernille KJÆR

The Ostrich Politic

by Mohammad HOUHOU


by Michael Mills

From the Big Bang to Tuesday Morning

by Claude Cloutier


by Emma Allen


by Danielle Parsons


by Nikki Schuster

The Jollies: A Biographical Artwork about Primatologist Alison Jolly

by Rachel Mayeri
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