Deep Sleep
November 2019

Sleep is not oblivion but an active aperture onto the hidden workings of the mind, thus only ever as empty as a stage awaiting creation. Dreaming REM sleep is the space of memory's reconsolidation and vital sorting out of the overwhelming detail of lived life, but also of inspiration and of those endless strange realignments of the components of waking life we remember in snatches. For all that we understand of the essential nature of dreaming, the images created by the sleeping mind retain some ineffable mystery. And what lies in those other unsleeping unconscious states, those of a coma or true blackout? And what, also, does a fossil dream across the millennia?

The Coral Reef Are Dreaming Again

by Lucas Leyva

Murine Montage

by Alexis Gambis

Slow Wave

by Andy Kennedy

Devil in the Room

by Carla MacKinnon

Expert Dreamers

by Nguyen Khoi Nguyen


by Ellie Land

Animals Under Anaesthesia: Speculations on the Dreamlife of Beasts

by Brian M. Cassidy Melanie Shatzky


by Tamara Vanderwal

Wide Awake

by Alan Berliner

Despertar (Awake)

by Marta Medina Del Valle

Monsoons Over the Moon

by Dan Muchina

A Case For Dreaming

by Tiffany Shlain

La Que Sueña (She Who Dreams)

by Alexis Gambis


by Catherine Slilaty


by Eric McEver

Tabula Rasa

by Cristina Baldino

Plant Dreaming Deep

by Charlotte Clermont

Children of Future Sleep

by Ivan Gopienko

The Mulch Spider's Dream

by Karel Doing

Antes do Lembrar (Stone Engravings and the Three-colored Chickenpox Tale)

by Luciana Mazeto Vinícius Lopes


by Artur Hanaj

Coves of Bodies

by Hirofumi Nakamoto


by Magdalena Kvasnickova

Que Nous Nous Assoupissions (May We Sleep Soundly)

by Denis Côté

2 ou 3 choses de Marie Jacobson (2 or 3 things about Marie Jacobson)

by Anne Azoulay

Somnium Lapidum (Dream Stones)

by Emily Pelstring

Immer Müder (Always Tired)

by Jochen Kuhn

The Night In All Things

by Alexander Girav

Die Versteinerten (Fossilized)

by Esteban Rivera Ariza

Deep Sleep

by Basma Alsharif

Phone Tapping

by Hee Won Navi Lee

Hon mê

by Laurie Dasnois

Lucid Dreaming

by Nina Lassila

SUR l’eau REAL

by Marjo Levlin

Freud und Friends

by Gabriel Abrantes


by Luce Roy


by Wen Zhang


by Christine Rebet

The Nightshift

by Giovanni Giaretta


by John Graham

I remember my dreams by the colour they are...

by Maria Magnusson
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