Forecasts of the End
December 2017

Weather reports, those daily attempts to predict the future, may sometimes appear to be more a form of divination or mythology than an exact science. Climatological data, on the other hand, is all too clear: the rise in average temperatures in parallel with atmospheric carbon, increasingly unstable weather conditions across the globe, melting ice caps, rising sea levels. For our December issue, the end of a tumultuous 2017, we will consider ordinary, exotic, and extreme weather forms (fog, drought, wind, flooding, falling ash, madness, balloons), and the climatological end of the world. Forecasts, here, take many forms, from data gathered over many years on an isolated glacier and detailed surveys of the present earth to speculative dystopias where humanity must contend with climate-induced surplus, hide indoors from killing conditions, or dream of the hospitable Earth as we have it now. Other films suggest that climate shifts and societal collapse may be just part of the anthropological cycle. So enjoy all of this while it lasts: 2018 may be the year to adapt or fade into the geological record for future generations of intelligent sea creatures to interpret when they inherit the Earth from us.


Qapirangajuq: Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change

by Zacharias Kunuk Ian Mauro

The Future

by Greg Sharp

Hugo Bumfeldt

by Éva Katinka Bognár

Women and the Glacier

by Audrius Stonys

Rising Water: India's Sunderbans

by Daniel Grossman

In Search of Lost Future

by Luis Quevedo Alfonso Par

Bridge Over Troubled Water

by Jari Kallio Jaakko Pallasvuo

nebel (fog)

by Nicole Vögele

Point of No Return

by Zachary Finkelstein

After the Volcano

by Léo Favier


by Nathan Truesdell

A Numbness in the Mouth

by Kevin Gaffney

Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic

by Corina Gamma

The catalysts of Change: Water woes in Rajasthan

by Chintan Gohil


by Karim Niazi

The Weight of Mountains

by Temujin Doran


by César Pesquera

The Disquiet

by Ali Cherri


by Asier Altuna


by Wregas Bhanuteja

Guardian of the Mangroves

by Alexis Gambis

Dry Season

by Tyler Trumbo Max Good

Deep Weather

by Ursula Biemann

As Soon As Weather Will Permit

by Su Rynard
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