2016 | United States | Fiction,Feature

Digital Physics

  • English 104 mins
  • Director | Jonathan Khanlian
  • Writer | Jonathan Khanlian
  • Producer | Jonathan Khanlian, Jesse Baxter, Mary Baxter, Michelle Cameron, Pear Nerngchamnong

This film is currently not available.   

Khatchig's on a quest to find the fundamental nature of reality but he'll have to overcome a system that has snubbed him, hostile hostel residents, and some really strong mushrooms. Will Khatchig uncover the secrets of our universe before he loses his home, his friends, and his sanity? Will anybody care?? Journey back to the 80's with "Digital Physics" and you may just take a peek into the future. Music by Manuel Göttsching.

Digital Physics Film Website

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physics reality universe digital simulation retro complexity computer
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